Promote Oneness, Respect, and Acceptance

by Azadeh Golestan on February 10, 2022

"The lamps are different, but the light is the same." Rumi

Religions and belief systems followed around the globe can cause divisions in the natural fabric of the qualities we all share. The symbols of these religions have come to represent separation for some. At Oneness and Co., we look at them in a different light that shines, as the poet and philosopher Rumi stated, in the same way on all of us. (  This oneness for which our company is named remains the focus of all good things and the intention behind the attractive fashion bracelets we offer in our shop.

All Faiths, All Together

John Lennon once saying, "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." The bracelets offered at Oneness and Co. are designed for the dreamers who focus on unity and togetherness rather than the symbols and specifics that cause divisions. These varied designs of fashionable bracelets for everyone do not promote religion of any kind. Instead, they stand as a symbolic reminder that belief is not the enemy and can be a powerful force for oneness in the world.


The side-by-side symbols promote unity in diversity, peaceful coexistence, and respect for different beliefs and lifestyles. They celebrate differences that, when explored more fully, share a greater focus on humanity and kindness then they should on negativity.


Promote Oneness, Respect, and Acceptance


No matter where you live in the world, what culture you belong to, your appearance, gender, or any other characteristic that speaks to your diverse nature, you are a part of the whole of humanity on Earth. When you choose to wear a symbol of that oneness, you let other people know that you will not stand for intolerance, and you will stand against injustice.

The currently available styles of the harmony, tolerance, and coexist bracelet collections suit people of different tastes and fashions. Choose a flexible beaded design with charms with symbols of five major faiths, a small Oneness logo and the name of the company owner, Azadeh, which means free minded in Persian. It comes in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold tones.

A leather belt-style bracelet has similar icons on raised studs and a bold buckle to adjust the size. Choose from black, tan, green, blush pink, or pale sky blue all with silver-toned and black studs.

Finally, a "Coexist" cuff bracelet reveals this powerful word in attractive script. Bright white silver, darker vintage silver, and antique gold-colored metals are available. In the future, other designs will be made available, and the product line may extend to include T-shirts and other gear.

It is always possible to celebrate and recognize differences without allowing them to cause rifts or division. Wearing a simple bracelet may not eradicate all the darkness in the world, but it can shine a light on the truth of our cohesive humanity and kindness that we all should practice for everyone around us. Beneath the symbols of different worlds and cultures, we all shine the same light.