Our logo stands for Oneness and Equality. It consists of an 'O' for Oneness and '=' representing Equality which are our core values. It is simple, yet elegant and we are all equal.

During the summer of 2016, I attended the Basel Watch and Jewelry exhibition in Switzerland, and I started to think I should create bracelets – jewelry centered around a theme of Unity.  This is what our world needs now.  Right before my trip, there was a terrorist attack in Nice, France as well as attacks in the UK and later in Germany.  It was so sad and heart breaking to see all this horror and I could not believe that we all claim to be civilized and kind.  I had to do something to bring people together.  The beauty of the jewelry show against the background of terror was the moment of inspiration for Oneness & Co. 

My name is Azadeh (it means Freedom and Nobility in Persian).  I was born in Esfahan, Iran, to beautiful parents who just love me and the only thing I ever heard from them (and until today) is that I always brought our family good luck.  We are five kids, and we all are so blessed to be great friends.  The credit of all these loving relationship goes back to my parents; they gave us a strong bond with love and compassion.  Our family saw people as Human without judgment for religion or politics.

We moved to Dubai, UAE in 1986 (although we spent every summer in Iran with my grandparents, aunts, and cousins) to escape the war.  Living in Dubai never felt strange because many of the locals or people we interacted with had some Persian roots and I truly never felt different based on nationality or religion.  I went to Iranian school in Dubai and we were taught religion as part of our curriculum.  I was supposed to pray three times a day, but I missed the sacred morning prayer too often (teenagers like to sleep-in 😊).  I feel connected to my religion and I am grateful.  Living in Dubai also gave me the opportunity to be exposed to other religions beyond Islam.  I met Hindus, Buddhist and Christians and I believed we just need to respect, accept and coexist.  This passion for bringing people together only intensified through my travel and years spent living in Italy and the USA.  Now, all I know, love was the driving force behind Moses, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, St. Francis, Ahura Mazda and all the great sages and saints and Rumi says it beautifully: The Lamps are different, but The Light is the same. 

I invite you to join the Oneness Movement.  A Humble Human….


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